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Saturday, July 28, 2007

Tried Wii before? Its fun I say... Went to dear's poly frens gathering last night.. One of them brought the Wii console and another brought extra ... ermm...wats tt called.. wireless controllers???!! Anyway, it was a fun nite.. Tried the bowling game.. the bomberman game.. Lafed till crazy when dear and his frens were at the bomberman game.. The 4 of em... CraZy! Not forgetting the boxing game and tennis.. Hyper~~ I captured a video of them whilst 2 of em were at the boxing game.. Will get dear to help load sometime soon! Actualli I find it more entertaining to watch them in action then to view the tv screen.. Its like they were boxing the air.. Definitely a more interesting view.. And I got to play with a bunny! Belongs to Evonne. SO so so cute!! It practically jump into people's lap!

Gotta go prepare for the NDP preview previewing later.. Pray it stops raining soon!!!

7/28/2007 01:48:00 pm

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Tomolo is FriDay!!
Its gonna be the weekends! Great!
Cos this week will be the exact opposite of last week!!! (I hope so!!)

Saturday, will be goin to see the NDP Preview!! Yeah yeah! Thanks to dear who managed to get 2 tics.. Not the actual day but still better than nothing! I was already wanting to see this yr's one since duno how mani mths ago... Tot didnt have the chance wor.. So was quite happy when he gave me the good and sudden news yesterday...

Sunday, going for Ah boy's ROM..
That guy gave us a shock on last sun. So sudden.. But well, they had no other committments ba.. SO good..

OKiez shall end here... Gona koonz soon.. There's something wrong with the right side of my body.. all the way from the head to the neck to the shoulder and the leg... Duno why so pain.. And all on the right side.. God bless~~


7/26/2007 11:13:00 pm

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I wana get married too!!!

another random statement made on another random day on another random time on another random place on another random topic on another random feeling on another random blog post.

7/24/2007 10:38:00 pm

Saturday, July 21, 2007

Feeling realli moody..

The day didnt start off well.. At approximately 1 plus am, I was still trying to fall asleep.
Thanks to the never ending coughs..
Somehow the coughs just got worse and I decided to get a warm drink.
Good or bad choice I duno.. Cos just as I stood up, I felt the need to retch..

(note: Er3 xin1 alert!!)

I was half running and half staggering to the kitchen toilet.
Was thinking tt if I run, the stuff might come out faster then intended..
And vomit away I did in the toilet.
Like a fountain...
The feeling was damn terrible...
Thrice the stuff just poured out.. Like I on the tap like that..
The feeling in the nose was the worse...
Out of the nose or out of the mouth?!!?
I was crying already...
Felt so weak when I was done...
That was like half an hour or 45 mins later I guess...
Had a change of clothes and plonked myself on the bed...
I didnt dare to sleep for fear of a second round...
Ended up reading the new paper and falling asleep...

And it didnt help that my cousins who woke up much earlier than me decided to leave the door open whilst I was still sleeping. This annoyed me a lot... And I woke up in a foul mood.. Snapping at anyone who tok to me.. Yes I am tt rude this morning...

But I had something to look forward to...
Dear having the frisbee match at Sengkang and I was supposed to go support him.
But somehow he sprained his ankle and couldnt play after the 1st game..
So there was no need for me to go..
He suggested that I meet him for dinner with his frens but I decided to change my mind when I got pissed with things I heard over the phone. You can say I dun take jokes well but you aint me and you wont know how I feel.

One thing lead to another and my mood became super lousy.

Luckily I managed to keep myself occupied by trying to mix and match my clothes..
And I took some photos thanks to the HP which has a timer option. Like a camera!!!
Had I not found anything to do, I think I will burst.

And now here I am blogging away. Good... I managed to spend like half an hour doing something.. So what should I do later???

Today is a Saturday... a supposedly best day of the week.
But somehow, it turned out to be the damnest day of the week for me.

7/21/2007 04:47:00 pm

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

One of the first of photos taken using my hp!! Nice rite?! haha..

Waiting for mummy they all to come home!!!! Reaching Spore ard 12 plus am...
Heard that I got presents!! Yeah!!
Think tonite no need to sleep liao loh...
Mummy says they all chao da (black black) come home.. And I replied that I dun allow strangers into the house... LOL...

Just now when I was abt to sit down on the sofa, I saw sthing on the table.
There was a pack of whitish biscuits or sthin.
And in it was something that wasnt meant to be.
I freaked out after a few secs of "stunnedness".



and I ran to mummy's sewing room and sat on the table.
The whole house in chaos...
Finally the packet of lizard bitten biscuits were thrown into the bin. Irine's mum was e heroine.
BUT the lizard got away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And now its lurking somewhere... Like tt how to sleep tonite?!?!!? Haiz....

I think I getting an asthma attack soon... coughing (yes its cough now) and shouting...
Someone give me wonder pill!!!

7/18/2007 11:18:00 pm

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Tomolo is 18th! They will be back tomolo!! And I MIGHT have presents!!!
okok.. I used the word might... Cos I asked them not to buy anything for me...
But they might just end up buying something for me rite?? Like a new wallet?? I am realli needing a new one...

Was blog surfing for the past 1 hr jus now.. Not bad eh? Except for the fact that I was reading the same blog.. haha.. Lemmi share with u guys..
Got the link from ZiQiang's blog. Entries are quite funni.. Distress~

Yesterday night I had the runs...
I was having constipation previously (as usual).
Half a bottle through my strawberry Meiji milk, i felt the urge to visit the toilet..
Gave dear a shock I supposed... =)

Had lunch at China Square this afternoon. Pauline recommended Beef noodles and am glad we went there. It was realli delicious! I had mixed beef kway teow soup and I love the soup and soft soft kway teow!! Kinda regret ordering the mixed beef though... One of the ingredient was accordingly to Pauline--skin, according to Hilary--stomach, and its realli awful looking!!! I should have taken a pic to show!! One side is normal looking but the other is like HAIRY!! Reminds me of bear bear fur leh!!! I was telling them I had to turn e stuff the other way before I can try it. Meaning, the hairy side face down and the normal meaty side face up. Only managed to swallow 2 of the stuff cos I cant stand the look and the feel of the hairy side in my mouth!! Yeucks!! Typing this makes me wana puke le.... Next time, I shall stick to the sliced beef selection. =p

Saw Ix Shen and the guy Jilian duno what sitting on a ledge whilst back to the office. They were preparing to film somthing. I tot they were camera crew initally!!! Not very eye catching heh?? Mun Ling says she saw Rui En and Thomas Ong too when she was going for her lunch.. (Note: they were only packing up when we left the office at ard 730pm)..

Oh ya saw TZ at China Square too... Call my name so loud... AGAIN.... And even he commented my eyes are so red... Damn.. What's wrong with my eyes now???
I declare myself down with:
Red Eyes

What if mummy heart pain when she see me tomolo? hahaha... then she will sponsor my HK trip?? hahah.. fat hopes.. =( Dreamy..............

7/17/2007 10:41:00 pm

Sunday, July 15, 2007

There was a lump over there.
It hurts...
Now it feels like there are two...
Double the pain...
Even swallowing my saliva is a problem...
I can feel my ear becoming more painful le...
Someone help meeeeee....

Watched Harry Potter today.. At causeway..
It wasnt up to expectations..
Perhaps too summarised...
And too expected...
No special special effects which would glued me to the seat...
I wasnt hesitant abt leaving the show half way for the ladies..
This is how dissatisfied I am... =(

Thanks dear for accompanying me here, there and here..
Headache hor???

15th July 2007!
Happy 3 yrs 5 mths anniversary~~!! ^v^
I Love You Shawn..
jacLin loves Serge!

7/15/2007 11:17:00 pm

Saturday, July 14, 2007

-Woke up at 7am plus to bai bai... For the past 2 days, have taken over the task of changing the tea and offering incense. Always missed the timeline for 9pm incense offering though..

-We went to Orchard after his frisbee and he managed to buy a nice shirt and a belt. I got a floral girly(!!) hp pouch and a top from Esprit. Hehe... The top is just 40% of its original price of $69.90 loh!!! 50% off plus 10% off thanks to Farha's card!! Best buy of the day!!!

-Something is wrong with my right eye... Its red and there's liquid.. Die.. think infection... How?? I wana watch my Harry Potter tomolo leh!!

-I plucked dear's eyebrows jus now!! Now its sightly straighter on the left side! Hhahahha!!! *evil*

-Today saw a lot of cute babies.. Esp love the gal with the lovely doll-like eyes and lashes at centrepoint~~

-Saw 2 gals who had completed their pedicure coming out of the shop. Freako!! One of the gal's toe nails were like 1 inch plus longer than the toe loh!! Like cat claws loh!! I wonder how it feels if the nails were to hit a table or worse, kena step by pple!!! Painful!! And btw, its hideous~!

-Joanne I updated the link le.. Check it out!

-Fever's gone but the throat is still as painful...

-Got to get a cup of water & check my mails!

7/14/2007 11:45:00 pm

Friday, July 13, 2007

I went to sleep yesterday with a sore throat.. Still managed to pull myself to work this morning.. In a blur blur state.. I nearly missed my station. Along the journey felt super weak... Luckily managed to get a seat somemore along Braddell... Upon reaching office, felt so sick I give up.. Had to go home n see Dr Yong.. End up took a cab home just 1 hr after reaching office.. Feel kinda stupid heh?

My auntie who is here to take care of the kids helped me to collect a queue number.. Dr Yong realli takes his own sweet time.. At 1030am, queue number is 7. At 1130 am, its 10. But somehow he hasten his speed and I got to see him at 130pm. My queue number is 20.
Oh ya... I aint the only one.. Tommy was running a fever too. Shawn dear had to carry him down.. So funni.. Half way across the road to the clinic, Tommy said its raining.. The sun was scorching hot mind u.. I burst out lafing.. its the sweat from dear which made Tommy tot tt its raining!! Tsk tsk....

Dr Yong no good... He keep on toking abt the thalassemia thing. Did I hear him wrongly? Iron pills wont benefit too? Haiz.. I felt so much like askin him why everytime I go, he gotta mention this.. super low mood one leh...

Had a nap in the afternoon n woke up feeling better.. Was interrupted during my sleep though.. duno why so mani smses today... And not veri good news.. Earlier on in the day, Yuefen msged me to say Jasmint's grandfather passed away.. In the afternoon Kaixin msged me to say Fengwen's grandmother passed away.. Though its part of life but kinda sad...

Oh I have yet to say I think.. Mummy, daddy and uncle went to Hainan Dao le... Jack and Sylvia, together with Joyce Sis joined them yesterday.. I super jealous... They might be goin to ShenZhen too... And HONGKONG!!! I super jealous.................................................. If my colleague isnt on marriage leave I think I would haf joined them!!! But too bad..... =(

Yesterday I realised how stupid some pple can be. The brain could be stuffed with cotton wool I guess. First of all, he doesnt read properly. Items are spelt out in the template and he can even copy the wordings out and ask me in the email what is the outstanding. Nevermind... I highlight what he copied in red. Next he ask me what is CTC. Okie he isnt the only one who aint sure what it is.. So I replied him saying tt its Certify True Copies. But then again, he ought to know.. He isnt new!! What irritates me more is when he asked me what is rectification. Wah kaoz... I feel like strangling him! First of all, everything has been spelled out! Buay tahan him, I spelt out exactly what is needed again. And next, the brainless guy got the cheek to say what is endorsment! Pengz!! I sent back a email and CC his boss. I refuse to answer the email that follows. Even the rest could not believe these questions were being asked! Doesnt he have a dictionary??? How abt I was so angry n hot tt I was speechless. But of cos, that was after I grumbled or rather expressed my annoyance to C and 2nd boss. When I walked pass my boss table, she asked me in a jokingly manner what went wrong...Good thing was she understands and mentioned that she had called the guy's boss. Now.. when I return to office on monday, I hope not to see an email asking me what is the meaning of tally. I will reali bring a parang to work!!

Okie shall end this post on a happier note. I FINALLI bought a new HP. K800i!!! Cybershot phone!! Now I just gotta get used back to Sony Ericsson again~~ I need a new hp pouch!!!

7/13/2007 10:13:00 pm

Sunday, July 08, 2007

So we went to see transformers yesterday.. Out of the 4 of us, think I am the only one who is not as knowledgeable in transformers.. The other 3 were like "and tt scene..." and "did u see..." and "the XXX....". I could only try to catch up... haha.. But anyway its a nice show. Worth the $$$... My shoulder and neck felt so "suan" after the show... Was practically sitted straight back, neck straight, eyes focused blah blah blah for half of the show.. the movie was tt interesting!!~ I like bumble bee best!! and the red and blue one... optimus prime...

Ok random photos...
Have I posted this pic b4?? Took this the other day whilst at dear's house.. A card I made 2 yrs back?? Nice?? The inside is horrible.... Another side view shot... Gosh.. I think only my side profile looks nice.. Mum says tts cos my face is flat!!! *piak* A bit zi lian I know... But I like this pic wat.... =p

Another pic taken at dear's house. I dun like this ornament... Gives me the shivers....

Remember the jigsaw we did some time back?? Its hanging there now... Above all the bottles and figurines...

And today is baking day!!! First up, oatmeal and choc chip cookies!!

And next will be blueberry muffins!!!

1st tray of muffins failed terribly~~ But nvm!!! The 2nd one on the right looks much better rite??
See I wasnt kidding!
The chao da guy with the chao da muffin VS The white lady with the white muffin!!


7/08/2007 10:42:00 pm

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Today is 070707.
Farha's wedding.
My neighbour's wedding.
And many many others wedding.
But why 070707???
Jus tt it seems nice?
Or it somehow represents "qi quan qi mei"?
Personalli I dun like the date.
I prefer... hmm... 090909???
080808 also good... hahaa.. sounds like wealth..
think 090909 better... like "chang chang jiu jiu"...

how abt 15 Feb??
neh... Note dear!!! **waves** NEH!!!
Dun gimi a surprise and have a shock okie? hahaha..

U know wat I like?
I like the sight of old couples.. loving...
Old couple holding hands... so heart-warming.. so affectionate...
Day dreaming again......

Holding hands...

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Okie thats enuff for today!


7/07/2007 12:55:00 pm

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Ok I am typing in the dark with only the lappie light shining on the keyboard.
Die.. think I reali like torturing myself...
Straining my eyes.. waiting till my tummi super pain then go toilet.. refusing to eat panadol till my head is cracking apart anytime.. etc etc.. Think I love punishing myself.

Sometimes I duno wat I am thinking.
Like jus now.. I actuali scolded my cousin. Fiercely.
I cant her whinning and then her rudeness to her sis when the poor sis is ever so patiently spending her time teaching her small sis. If I got such a undisciplined kid, think I will ..... well... if its my kid, I will make sure she never step to tt extreme. I am serious. I can flare up veri easily. Esp when provoked. Esp when I cant stand it. I cant stand spoilt kids. Seriously, something ought to be done.... I will try to control.... breathe in breathe out... 1 2 3... Try...

7/03/2007 11:23:00 pm


Jacqueline or JacLin ??? =)


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